For the Facebook Folk – Seeking that which is of evil intent… Here’s your gossip… Run Tell it!

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Well, I’ve come this far by faith, leaning and trusting the Lord… ain’t no need turning around now… So in doing so… I find myself stepping into the church-house once more and again, as expected but I’ve only expected it by knowing to expect the unexpected from those of them… However… the Lord has instilled this thing within me that’s often cast aside and often taken for granted… Oh how sad it is that such a precious gift continuously goes unappreciated… He gave me the spirit of hope; they act surprised by it’s power and outcome. It’s almost as if they preach and teach of things in which they don’t even believe in themselves… I don’t know what could be so unbelievable about a God that is talked about and worshiped by many… The same God that snatched you up out of your iniquities and transformed your life into a new creature… Now; you preach the word of God, but there is evidence that you may very well not believe in the very thing in which you teach… So, now… here I go…again back to Facebook… It’s not cool to take God’s Mercy for granted…I’ve got this thing about specifics that I absolutely love… When the Lord calls me…he gives me specifics…although I haven’t done so previously is God’s grace and mercy in it’s fullest effect… Now… I know for a fact that God doesn’t need or did he “make” such a thing as a coward soldier… Had it be anything that I have done out of order, the Lord knows that I have no problem owning up to mine… publicly or whatever the case may be… And I tell you the truth, because the one who operates within me is that of the spirit of truth… which is Christ Jesus who is my all… So I say this one final time… I surely trust it will indeed reach the one whom is looking for this message… It is Just for you “Facebook Folks”… I haven’t been on Facebook for a minute now… needless to say that there are those of us that don’t use it for such things that you speak of… however, if I have to enter into that particular place of what is “supposed” to be the House of Prayer in accordance to (MATTHEWS 21st Chapter) and just one more time; since there hasn’t been a single service since I was sent there in which I haven’t heard the word “Facebook” being used as if there is something on your mind… If however you are referring to a particular document that may have graced your presence… It may be very wise of you to address the situation, just as you preach and I speak… “Death Comes Quick” … What’s ailing you… I tell you the solemn truth when I say any questions as that to be concerning me, by all means do ask me… I can’t figure that one out yet… Don’t ask my mother nor anyone else when you are given countless opportunities to address me personally as sons and daughters of the most high should do… Well if your asking why I’m saying this on “Facebook” I proudly tell you… It comes out of your mouth so much, this is clearly where you actually hear and see with comprehension of what is actually going on… so… sadly after being in the services, you’ve sent me back here so that those of them who I’m sure are clueless of the situation and circumstances can deliver the message… Hum…do your homework.. let’s see where this thing originated and how long ago these wheels got set into full motion…

This Document has reached it’s ending as I hear the constant reminder of one wanting to be the one over one of the few churches (building) without spot or wrinkle… hum… remember the process of seeking God’s face and that special place… Remember waiting? Remember it being revealed?

Sad for me to see a bad experience at a beautiful gate.. Refresh yourself 1,2&3 John… Galatians the whole thing… I’m not one to teach the bible… for it teaches each and every individual for itself for those of them whom seek…

So why is it again that I have returned to Facebook… Check the record books… examine all things; keep in mind that according to (1st Corinthians) you may very well want to return to that “special place” while examining them for they can only be spiritually discerned… and only spirit discerns spirits… and know that the spirit searches EVERYTHING … even the deeper things of God…now those are not my words for that of the one that you teach of… He says… If you call me I will answer … I say to you if you send for me… “Truly Send for me.. make no mistake about it… I will come!”

Sad but true, tight but right… but as in all things… even this document has been created for nothing short of God to be Glorified… for he is worthy… my power, my strength and my redeemer… and that which has not a respecter of persons! Stay Blessed & Be Encouraged…



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